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10 Benefits of the Calgary Inner City Lifestyle

10 Benefits of the Calgary Inner City Lifestyle

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1 – Downtown Accessibility

Let’s face it. If you work downtown then it is beneficial to live downtown or as close to it as you can. Downtown is home to over 3,500 businesses and counting, a large fraction of which are amenity or service oriented. Living in the inner city gives residents quick access to all of them, plus those found in the beltline area.

Another fact, many people tend to meet in the downtown or inner city areas for social events. Never again do you have to pass up on meeting friends because the drive is too far and you don’t feel like it.

2 – Amenities, Everywhere!

With over a 1000 retail stores and over 3,500 businesses in downtown Calgary alone you shouldn’t have to travel far to get what you need. Make your way to one of the indoor shopping centres located in downtown while avoiding the weather entirely using the world’s most extensive +15 walkway system that extends approximately 16km in and around downtown!

3 – Entertainment

Much of Calgary’s entertainment is situated in the downtown core. Have a delicious meal at one of Calgary’s finest restaurants, enjoy some entertainment or make your way to one of Calgary’s best night life spots. All of them within a ten minute drive or less.

4 – Property Appreciation, Not Depreciation!

As a home buyer sometimes it can be intimidating when looking at more costly inner city homes such as a new infill. The further out from the city centre that you buy the more affordable real estate becomes. Inner city typically appreciates in value better over the long term as the land and location is always in high demand. The reality is that land is limited in the inner city! This is another factor to consider when buying an inner city home.

5 – Recreation and Leisure

Innumerable parks are located within the downtown core and are usually a few blocks away, if not immediately adjacent to your inner city home. Some of these parks include Eau Claire Plaza, Shaw Millennium Park, Olympic Plaza and Prince’s Island Park to name a few. Plus don’t forget the rivers, pathways and fitness centres, including Talisman Centre.

6 – Time to Live instead of Commuting

Instead of spending that extra hour or so getting to and from work every day you could be at the gym, with your kids or working on that project that’s due. Chances are if your meeting some friends you might have to commute downtown again to one of the restaurants or night spots there anyway. Living an inner city lifestyle means you can say goodbye to the long commutes and spend more time enjoying what is important to you.

7 – Save Money

The thousands of dollars that you would save on gas and vehicle maintenance from wear and tear each year could be put towards something more meaningful. Something, anything you’d like; think of the possibilities! Public transportation routes cover all bases for inner Calgary neighbourhoods and can get you anywhere you need to go, that is of course if you don’t feel like walking!

8 – Diversity

The character of any city can is usually concentrated and experienced within the downtown area. Calgary’s diverse population has brought many new and exciting aspects of their culture to the downtown Calgary area.

Calgary maintains a trade program with 5 international cities to expand the education of people abroad. Live close to the most culturally diverse area of Calgary and experience something new every day!

9 – Population Density

The inner city has a higher population density which enables you to live with less and do more. From meeting your neighbours and getting involved in your community to trying out new and exciting hobbies, the inner city is where the action is.

10 – Mature, Lush Vegetation

Inner city areas have mature trees and vegetation which is a highly desirable quality for Calgary living. Those big trees and shrubs add an element of nature to not only your privacy but also improve the overall street scape.

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