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7 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

7 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home

Has the time come for you to sell your home? If so, you’ll want to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible for a variety of reasons, one of them being your own peace of mind!

After all, selling is a very involved process and you’ll not only want to get the most value out of your home, but you’ll also want things to proceed efficiently. Help yourself out and avoid these 7 things when selling your home for a smooth selling process!

1 – Leaving Out Too Many Personal Items

Moving to Calgary with Children

Too much clutter in your home can make it hard for potential buyers to envision their own family and belongings in the space given. It’s in your best interests to remove any personal items to open up the space and help buyers imagine what living in your home would be like.

You’ll also want to remove any personal pictures, certificates, personal documentation or anything else that might supply a potential buyer with any information about you in any way. Some of these items can have a negative effect on the way a buyer thinks or feels about purchasing your home. Learn more at Calgary Home Sellers Guide – Protecting Your Privacy.

2 – Not Cleaning Every Last Corner

Buyers can be the toughest home inspectors around, especially if they are serious about your home. Therefore you’ll want to make sure every last corner in your house is cleaned thoroughly.

Even the slightest amount of dirt in a kitchen drawer or on top of the base boards can negatively affect what a potential buyer thinks about your home.

You don’t want anyone to begin drawing their own conclusions about how well maintained your house has been in the past… take charge and show them exactly how well kept your home is by getting it in the cleanest shape its ever been in!

Home selling tips - smelly odours3 – Ignoring Smells

It is one of the biggest turn offs for any home buyer. Smelling an unpleasant odour of any kind whether that be from the garbage or from any other source will leave a bad taste in any buyers mouth.

Do yourself a favour and make sure your place smells great when it’s time for showings. Open up a few windows if need be, it never hurts to have fresh air flowing anyways!

4 – Not Replacing Old Fixtures

Another must do before listing your home is to replace any old fixtures including…

  • Ceiling and light fixtures
  • Door and cabinet handles
  • Sink fixtures
  • Bath tub knobs and shower heads

And any other ones you can think of. It will only cost you a small amount to do this but compared to the massive benefits you will reap its essential you do! It makes a huge difference in creating an appealing look for potential home buyers.

5 – Forgetting to Remove Your Wallpaper

Wallpaper - Home Selling Tips

When a buyer sees wallpaper, it’s likely the only thing they think of is removing it. After all, wallpaper is highly personalized as you probably spent hours at the store picking it out.

What are the chances that a potential buyer will like the wallpaper you chose? Not very likely. When selling your home you want to minimize anything a buyer feels like they have to add to their “to do” list, and removing wallpaper is usually one of them.

6 – Focusing on the Inside and Not the Outside

It’s a common mistake for home sellers to focus more on getting the interior of their home prepared for showings than the exterior.

The condition of your home’s exterior is a tell-tale sign of just how well you’ve maintained your home, so do yourself a favour and make sure to thoroughly walk around its perimeter looking for anything you can improve or needs repairs. Learn more at 11 Tips to Boost Your Homes Curb Appeal today!

7 – Not Putting Yourself in the Shoes of the Buyer

Most of us become accustomed to the spaces we live in over the years. It’s completely normal where that scratch on the wall or chip on the door becomes so usual to us it’s no longer there.

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. Pretend you are going to be purchasing your home and do a thorough walk around while making a list of what needs to be fixed. This will go a long way in getting your home in tip-top shape for showings. Read more at Calgary Home Sellers Guide – Becoming the Buyer!

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