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Best Calgary Sushi Restaurants

Top 10 Calgary Sushi RestaurantsTowa Sushi Calgary Restaurant

Do you crave sushi or sashimi? Ever wonder where you should go when you want to try something new?

If this is you, Calgaryism’s list of best Calgary sushi restaurants will give you some ideas on where to head next time!

We attempt to include restaurants in all parts of the city so that no matter where you are there should be one near by.

Here’s our list of best Calgary sushi restaurants – let us know which your favourite’s are and we will add them to the list. Also see our Best Calgary Sashimi Restaurants today!

Red Ember Japanese CuisineRed Ember Best Calgary Sushi Restaurant

  • Address – 609 14th Street NW
  • Phone Number – 403-453-0577

Located in the inner city community of Hillhurst, Red Ember has made a reputation for itself as one of the best Calgary sushi restaurants over the years through its extensive menu, use of quality ingredients and excellent service.

This restaurant also has a great atmosphere for groups of all sizes, especially for romantic occasions where you and your crush are looking for a more intimate setting.

My favourites are the kamikaze roll, mango roll, mexican roll and beef udon. Learn more at our Red Ember Japanese Cuisine Calgary Restaurant Review today.

Hana Sushihana sushi mission sashimi restaurant beltline calgary alberta

  • Address – 1807 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403-229-1499

Hana is one of the only best Calgary sushi restaurants you’ll find so close to 17th Avenue SW which makes it a good spot for pedestrians looking to indulge in quality sushi without having to tread too far north or south from the popular streetscape.

Located a few steps south from the Red Mile, Hana Sushi has an extensive menu with over 100 different selections and some of the best sashimi slices in town. It also has a a spacious table arrangement with comfy padded seats that do well for long dinner conversations and romantic evenings for two.

Just recently the best Calgary sushi restaurant has started offering an all-you-can-eat menu which costs a bit less than $30.00 a person. Stay tuned for our Hana Sushi Calgary Restaurant Review.

Globefish Calgary Sushi Restaurant Marda LoopGlobefish Marda Loop

  • Address -2009 33rd Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-249-8866

Globefish in Marda Loop is by far the best of the three Globefish restaurants found in Calgary. Why?

It’s food tastes the best – plain and simple. Actually, Globefish is known for having some of the best sushi rolls in town.

My favourites are the rocky mountain roll, crispy spicy tuna roll, wrapture roll, crunch munch roll and crazy buster roll, although nearly anyone I’ve tried at Globefish Marda Loop over the years has been superb.

Inside you’ll find a much more cozy atmosphere than at the other two locations in the city that’s great for intimate one-on-one dates and / or conversations that need due care and attention. For more information be sure to check out our Globefish Marda Loop Calgary Sushi Review.

towa sushi mission best calgary sushi restaurantTowa Sushi

  • Address – #1 2116 4th Street SW
  • Phone Number – 403- 245-8585

If you like big sushi rolls and thick, juicy sashimi slices then Towa is a Japanese restaurant for you.

Located in the inner city community of Mission along 4th Street SW, Towa’s menu offers innovative modern sushi styles combined with traditional favourites that everyone loves.

There’s even has a small patio section perfect for enjoying the outdoors while chomping down on some of the biggest sushi servings in the city.

Be prepared to stretch your mouth a little bit and walk away more than full after a sitting at Towa! For more information, check out our Towa Calgary Sushi Restaurant Review.

Tenshi Sushibest sashimi calgary tenshi sushi kensington district nw sushi restaraunt

  • Address – 304 10th Street NW
  • Phone Number – 403-457-0370

Tenshi Sushi has always been one of the top sushi restaurants in Calgary because of its use of high quality ingredients and large serving sizes every time.

Located in the Kensington District, this best Calgary sushi restaurant is easily accessed on foot via the Sunnyside LRT Station and to all residents in the nearby areas.

A reservation is highly recommended as its popularity is widespread throughout the city; definitely try some sashimi of your liking and the house special roll. Stay tuned for our Tenshi Sushi Calgary Restaurant Review.

Sushi BoatBest Calgary Sushi

  • Address – 806 Crowfoot Crescent NW
  • Phone Number – 403-239-1818

Sushi Boat’s take on service is one of the most interesting there is in the city. You can either straight from your server, or simply grab color-coded plates of sushi and other Japanese cuisines as they float around in boats along the perimeter of the kitchen.

One great thing about this Japanese restaurant is that it doesn’t skimp on ingredient quality just to make a buck. The food is relatively affordable, comes fresh and tastes as good as some other restaurants on our list of best Calgary sushi restaurants!

Sushi Boat tends to be quite busy so its recommended to go at non-peak times as they don’t take reservations. Stay tuned for our Sushi Boat Calgary Restaurant Review.

The Best Calgary Sushi

Sushi Hiro

  • Address – 727 5th Avenue SW
  • Phone Number – 403-233-0605 

Sushi Hiro is the perfect restaurant for those in the downtown commercial core of Calgary who are looking for something new and personable.

Located on 5th Avenue between 6th and 7th Street SW on the southern side of the block, Hiro boasts traditional Japanese decor and some of the best classical sushi rolls and sashimi slices in the city.

Sushi Hiro is run by Hiro and his family and they’re always working. I love the family touch and the fact that Hiro or his son are behind the sushi bar; you’re actually being served by the master chef!

Go there and ask Hiro to try new and different types of sushi you have never had before – a great and adventurous way to eat sushi.

The fish is absolutely amazing and the entire experience has a very traditional and authentic feel to it. Stay tuned for our Sushi Hiro Calgary Restaurant Review.

Kinjo Calgary AlbertaKinjo Sushi & Grill

  • Multiple locations

No one does it better than Kinjo when it comes to chain sushi restaurants in Calgary.

With five locations in the city, its number of locations is testament to its success as one of the best Calgary sushi restaurants around.

Kinjo is known for its affordable prices and large menu that gives customers a great selection of not just sushi, but other Japanese cuisine delights as well.

For more information, check out our Kinjo Calgary Sushi Restaurant Review today.

Sushi Bar Zipang Sushi Bar Zipang Bridgeland Calgary Sushi Plate

  • Address – 1010 1st Avenue NE
  • Phone Number – 403-262-1888

Zipang is another one of the best Calgary sushi restaurants known for its high quality, fresh ingredients that leave you smiling from ear-to-ear every time.

Found in the inner city community of Bridgeland, here you’ll find some of the best tasting sashimi slices in town without vein or tendon – just melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness!

Try the Sanma fish, a delicacy in Japan and a rarity to find at most Calgary sushi restaurants. This place is almost always busy so booking a reservation may be in your best interest!

Also see our Sushi Bar Zipang Calgary Restaurant Review for more information today.

Wami Ootoyawami ootoya sushi sasuke roll nw calgary university city condos

  • Multiple locations

Another chain restaurant making a strong impression as one of the best sushi restaurants in Calgary is Wami Ootoya.

The most recently opened location at University City Condos in Brentwood features a well-decorated, modern ambiance with two levels that includes a lounge, bar and family areas with more than enough space for groups of any size.

The menu is just as impressive as the newly built interior; it offers a massive selection of sushi, sashimi, udon, donburi, ramen and everything in between.

Such good tasting food for such a wide variety of options deserves to be on Calgaryism’s list of best Calgary sushi restaurants without a doubt. See our Wami Ootoya Brentwood Calgary Restaurant Review for more today.

Your Source Best in Calgary Alberta

What are your favourite sushi restaurants?

Leave us a comment below and let us know which places are on your list of best sushi restaurants in Calgary and we will add it to the list!

Until next time, check out more of our Best in Calgary Lists and make sure to visit us at Calgaryism on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more local activities, restaurants and everything else to do with YYC. We hope to see you there!

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  1. Karen Jordan says:

    Re: Sushi Hiro – I agree with everything you seem to be trying to say. It seems however that you left a word out of the review: check the second line, “You may have never noticed it was there but once you figure it out and go there you will be disappointed.”
    I assume you meant to say “you will NOT be disappointed”.

    I hope that’s what you meant to say. It’s hard to believe you really meant that you would be disappointed. We have never been disappointed there. My family has been going to HIro’s since the early ’80′s. It’s still the best in town. The fish is always fresh; the presentation is old style Japanese elegant; oysters and other delicacies are available in season; and they haven’t latched on to the mayonnaise based sushi. Don’t miss the Pine Mushroom Soup in the fall. And if they are open between Shristmas and New Year’s, try the special things they prepare. They are beautiful and tasty. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never had. Eating at Hiro’s can be an adventure. Let Hiro or Yoshi guide you. Just let them know you want something you’ve never had before.

    As you can see, we are among Hiro’s most faithful fans.

    Karen & Tony.

  2. Best Sushi in Calgary by far is Tenshi Sushi food is incredible, in fact the Miso Blackened Codo tasted as good as it did at Nobu in Waikiki (and the price is more reasonable than Globefish by far!
    Address: 304 10 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 1V8
    Phone:(403) 457-0370

  3. Reid Stanek says:

    Hot stone rice bowl is fairly new, on 37th street a few blocks south of 17th ave. this place is incredible, the power of love roll and sushi pizza are amazing, and prices are great. I think this place is a hidden gem, considering it has a significantly higher rating on urban spoon than every restaurant listed (not to discount the quality of them, just sayin haha) PLEASE give this place a try!

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