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Best Calgary Sushi

Best Calgary SushiBest in Calgary Graphic

Do you crave sushi? I sure do. Ever wonder where to go or want to try something new? Check out some of these best Calgary sushi joints you just have to try!

Each of the following restaurants is amazing and two of them even have multiple locations for your eating pleasure. We’ve got it all, from rolls to sashimi, appetizers and more.

Listed below are many options for you to choose from, from the deep north, south and centered around downtown. Now let’s start with…

Red Ember Best Calgary Sushi RestaurantRed Ember Japanese Cuisine

Located in the inner city community of Hillhurst, Red Ember is a relatively new restaurant that has been leaving a strong impression with Calgary sushi lovers. This small restaurant has a great atmosphere for any type of party, and I would suggest that it is especially excellent for romantic occasions.

My favourites are the kamikaze roll, mango roll, mexican roll and beef udon; you must try all three of these, they are that good!

Learn more about this fabulous establishment at our Red Ember Japanese Cuisine Calgary Restaurant Review.

  • 403-453-0577
  • Red Ember Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


Globefish Calgary Sushi Restaurant Marda LoopGlobefish in Marda Loop

Globefish in Marda Loop is definitely the best of the three Globefish restaurants found in Calgary. It is the only one I will eat at! Globefish has the best rolls, everything else is good too but I specifically love the rolls.

My favourites are the rocky mountain roll, crispy spicy tuna roll, wrapture roll, crunch munch roll and the crazy buster roll. Definitely among the best, check out Globefish!

For more information be sure to check out our Globefish Marda Loop Calgary Sushi Review.

  • 403-249-8866
  • Globefish Sushi & Izakaya (Chinook Centre) on Urbanspoon

Sushi Club CalgarySushi Club

Located on Kensington Road NW, this is a new favourite spot for me. I was seriously impressed with every dish that came.

The sashimi was so fresh I didn’t use very much soy sauce so I could enjoy the pure flavour of the fish.

What makes Sushi Club so GOOD is the fact that the owners of the restaurant work full time, making sure each and every roll is quality, authentic Japanese style sushi. Check it out next time you are in Kensington or just craving sushi.

Remember when eating sushi to put the fish side to your tongue so you taste the full flavour and freshness.

  • 403-283-4100
  • Sushi Club K'z on Urbanspoon

Towa Sushi Calgary RestaurantTowa

Next up downtown on fourth Street in Mission is Towa. Very contemporary, very modern, very elegant and the fish is just amazing.

Check Towa when you’re looking for a great place to take someone for a date or meet up with some friends.

They have a great menu innovative modern sushi styles, especially the Spicy Tuna rolls!

I love all the rolls, they are huge so don’t order six cause I did that first time and I had way too much food. Check out Towa, part of Calgary’s best sushi. For more information check out our Towa Calgary Sushi Review.

  • 403- 245-8585   
  • Towa Sushi on Urbanspoon

Sushi Boat

Next up if you’re in the far northwest you could check out Sushi Boat in Crowfoot. It’s fairly quick as everyone sits around a boat with the plates on them.

You can also order or just eat off the boats as they travel around on the inside and you can sit there and just grab what you want!

Sushi boat is relatively affordable and very good, it is always quite busy so try to go non-peak times as they don’t take reservations. If you end up with a small wait it goes quick and is worth it.

  • 403-239-1818
  • Sushi Boat on Urbanspoon

Sushi HiroThe Best Calgary Sushi

If you’re downtown and want something new and personable, check out Sushi Hiro.

One of my favorite restaurants, Hiro is located on Fifth Avenue between Seventh and Sixth Street on the south side. You wont be dissapointed!

Sushi Hiro is run by Hiro and his family and they’re always working.  I love the family touch and I love the fact that Hiro or his son are behind the sushi bar. You’re actually being served by the master chef!

Go there and ask Hiro to feed you until you’re full and you will try new and different types of sushi you have never had before, a great and adventurous way to eat sushi.

The fish is absolutely amazing and the entire experience is very traditional and very authentic. Check it out!

  • 403-233-0605  
  • Sushi Hiro Japanese on Urbanspoon

Kinjo Calgary AlbertaKinjo

Kinjo’s both locations on Macleod Trail SW and in Dalhousie NW are amazing!.

Kinjo is very good, contemporary in a nice setting and with delicious food.

Prices are very affordable and there is a large menu with many different options so you can try some of everything! Check out Kinjo!

For more information be sure to check out our Kinjo Calgary Sushi Review.

  • Macleod Trail SW 403-255-8998
  • Dalhousie NW 403-452-8389
  • Kinjo Sushi & Grill on Urbanspoon

Sushi Bar Zipang

Zipang is another best Calgary sushi joint with its fresh fish every time and friendly service.

Found in the inner city community of Bridgeland, Zipang is conveniently located and is a definite must try if you are a sushi lover!

Try the Sanma fish, a delicacy in Japan and a rarity to Calgary sushi restaurants!

  • 403-262-1888
  • Sushi Bar Zipang on Urbanspoon

I love Calgary YYC 5Best Calgary Sushi…

That is our list of the best Calgary sushi! If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends below.

If we missed your favourite you can tweet us and we will check it out to add to the list @ Calgaryism or leave a comment below! Until next time, be sure to check out more of the best in Calgary!


  1. Karen Jordan says:

    Re: Sushi Hiro – I agree with everything you seem to be trying to say. It seems however that you left a word out of the review: check the second line, “You may have never noticed it was there but once you figure it out and go there you will be disappointed.”
    I assume you meant to say “you will NOT be disappointed”.

    I hope that’s what you meant to say. It’s hard to believe you really meant that you would be disappointed. We have never been disappointed there. My family has been going to HIro’s since the early ’80′s. It’s still the best in town. The fish is always fresh; the presentation is old style Japanese elegant; oysters and other delicacies are available in season; and they haven’t latched on to the mayonnaise based sushi. Don’t miss the Pine Mushroom Soup in the fall. And if they are open between Shristmas and New Year’s, try the special things they prepare. They are beautiful and tasty. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never had. Eating at Hiro’s can be an adventure. Let Hiro or Yoshi guide you. Just let them know you want something you’ve never had before.

    As you can see, we are among Hiro’s most faithful fans.

    Karen & Tony.

  2. Best Sushi in Calgary by far is Tenshi Sushi food is incredible, in fact the Miso Blackened Codo tasted as good as it did at Nobu in Waikiki (and the price is more reasonable than Globefish by far!
    Address: 304 10 Street Northwest, Calgary, AB T2N 1V8
    Phone:(403) 457-0370

  3. Reid Stanek says:

    Hot stone rice bowl is fairly new, on 37th street a few blocks south of 17th ave. this place is incredible, the power of love roll and sushi pizza are amazing, and prices are great. I think this place is a hidden gem, considering it has a significantly higher rating on urban spoon than every restaurant listed (not to discount the quality of them, just sayin haha) PLEASE give this place a try!

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