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Calgary Condo Guide to Listing

Planning on Selling Your Calgary Condo? Be Prepared!Calgary Condo Guide to Selling

It’s crucial to that you are fully prepared for the sale process and do what you can to ensure that when a buyer who does want to make an offer on your condo comes along that there is absolutely no delay whatsoever!

Listing a condominium is easy. All you have to do is contact a real estate agent who will make a listing on your behalf. Or, you could also do it yourself, but it might be more difficult as you may not have the tools to list readily available.

Q: What could delay the sale of your condominium? 

The number one issue with selling condominiums is the condo documents. When you go to list your condo, you should have a detailed discussion with your Calgary Condo REALTOR® about all the documents you require.

A list of these documents will be in the listing contract. Order them up front to save the headache, hassle and delay later – trust me!

The next step would be to have the documents reviewed at the time you list. This will cost you about $400 but it will save time later if an issue is discovered and could make your transaction easier.

Buyers will also appreciate the extra little bonus and could even feel more comfortable knowing the seller  got the documents reviewed up front. See more at Calgary Condo Buyers: Review Your Condo Docs!

If you want to do it right and stay organized, I recommend:

  • Order all the documents up front when you list
  • Have the documents reviewed prior to a sale for everyone’s peace of mind and ease of transaction
  • Keep a binder with all the documents on your kitchen table for buyers to see
  • Have pdf. copies of the full package of documents in drop box or stored in your email to send to a buyer as requested

By following these steps you will minimize the chance that your sale is delayed due to something you could have otherwise prevented, like having condo documents!

Read more about condo documents and everything else to do with resale properties at Your Calgary Condo Guide today.

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