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Calgary Diversity – How Diverse is Calgary?

How Diverse is Calgary Alberta?

Calgaryism Fact #27 - Diversity

Calgaryism Fact #27

Nearly 25% of Calgarians are foreign-born, and there are close to 120 languages spoken.

Throughout the history of Calgary, there has been an increase in the number of immigrants from abroad arriving in the city which has cultivated a diverse population rich in culture and experiences.

Today, Calgary is Canada’s third most diverse city, a true sign of how international our city has become.

Diversity in Calgary – Quick Facts

  • Around 12,000 new immigrants come to Calgary annually
  • Around 1,300 people come to Calgary annually seeking refuge
  • Calgary was one of the two places named as the Cultural Capital of Canada in 2012
  • Calgary is the first place in Canada to have elected a Muslim mayor (Naheed Nenshi) in 2010
  • Calgary is home to the largest mosque in Canada, the Baitunnur Mosque, at 48,000 square feet!
  • Calgary is home to dozens of ethnic and cultural organizations that are involved in community events, activities and more
  • Calgary has over 30 Consulates representing countries from around the world

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