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How to Find the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent & REALTOR®

The right questions to ask when interviewing your realtor

10 Questions to Help You Find the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent & REALTOR® for the Job... Would you hire a babysitter without an interview? What about a contractor, mechanic, dentist, music teacher, doctor, daycare provider, accountant or lawyer? Well I would hope not, and you shouldn't treat hiring a REALTOR® any … [Read more...]

7 “Getting Started” Tips for Calgary First Time Home Buyers

First Time Home Buyers

7 Tips to Help You Get Started When Buying Your First Home Are you planning on purchasing your very first piece of real estate ever in Calgary, Alberta? If so, this is a very exciting time to say the least for your future, although its likely you may have several questions about the first time home buying process on your … [Read more...]

Why is a Home Inspection as Important as it Gets?

Buying a Calgary Home and Home Inspections

Why is getting a home inspection as important as it gets? One of the most important things when buying (or selling) a home is to ensure you get a thorough and professional home inspection! Whether if you are buying on the MLS® or a brand new home,  a home inspection provides you with peace of mind and can also uncover … [Read more...]

21 Questions to Ask Your New Calgary Home Builder

New Calgary Homes Construction

Ask Your Home Builder of Choice these Important Questions... Are you thinking of buying a new home in Calgary? If so, you probably already have a ton of questions when it comes to features, customization, prices and so on and so forth. Search Calgary Homes for Sale now. After all, buying a home may just be the largest purchase … [Read more...]

5 Tips for First-Time Calgary Real Estate Investors

investment property real estate home money coins cash

5 Simple Tips for First-Time Investors Looking for Success Investing in real estate for the first time – whether in a single-family or condominium style property – requires many of the same buying steps as with most typical residential transactions. Good news is if you have bought a property for yourself before, then you … [Read more...]

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood – The Pros and Cons

home interior kitchen hardwood floor

What Should You Choose... Solid or Engineered Hardwood? If you are in the market for a new home or condo, you’ve probably noticed many developers list off floors as either solid hardwood or engineered hardwood with the latter becoming much more popular as of late. So what exactly is the difference between solid hardwood and … [Read more...]

Why It’s a Good Time to Buy Calgary Real Estate (Summer 2015)

Calgary Home Selling Tips

3 Reasons Why Now is a Good Time to Buy Real Estate in Calgary With current economic and housing forecasts, many buyers aren’t sure whether now is a good time to make a move in Calgary’s residential real estate market. Nonetheless, there are some definite pros as to why now (summer of 2015) would be a good time to buy. We have … [Read more...]

What is an Offer-to-Purchase? Answer, and More Details…

offer to purchase real estate keys realtor

What is an Offer to Purchase and How Does it Relate to My Real Estate Transaction? An “offer-to-purchase” is a contract between a buyer and seller facilitated by the buyer’s agent which specifies price, possession date, terms and conditions as it pertains to the real estate transaction. Here are some of the key details related … [Read more...]

First Time Home Buyers: 7 Reasons Home Ownership is Better than Renting!

Renting versus owning a home in Calgary

7 Key Reasons Why Owning a Home is More Beneficial Calgary's real estate market has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past decade. As a first time home buyer looking to make the jump from renting to owning, you might be wondering when exactly is the best time to buy. Will the market go up ...?               Will … [Read more...]

Calgary Infill Buyers Guide – Exposure

Hillhurst Calgary Homes Construction Infills

Calgary Infill Buyers Guide to Lot Exposure If you are thinking of buying a Calgary infill or have been on the hunt for building sites, one important factor to consider is lot exposure. West and south back yards, for example, in almost every situation will have lots of light throughout the day and provide a great patio space … [Read more...]