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What is an Offer-to-Purchase? Answer, and More Details…

offer to purchase real estate keys realtor

What is an Offer to Purchase and How Does it Relate to My Real Estate Transaction? An “offer-to-purchase” is a contract between a buyer and seller facilitated by the buyer’s agent which specifies price, possession date, terms and conditions as it pertains to the real estate transaction. Here are some of the key details related … [Read more...]

First Time Home Buyers: 7 Reasons Home Ownership is Better than Renting!

Renting versus owning a home in Calgary

7 Key Reasons Why Owning a Home is More Beneficial Calgary's real estate market has had its fair share of ups and downs over the past decade. As a first time home buyer looking to make the jump from renting to owning, you might be wondering when exactly is the best time to buy. Will the market go up ...?               Will … [Read more...]

Calgary Infill Buyers Guide – Exposure

Hillhurst Calgary Homes Construction Infills

Calgary Infill Buyers Guide to Lot Exposure If you are thinking of buying a Calgary infill or have been on the hunt for building sites, one important factor to consider is lot exposure. West and south back yards, for example, in almost every situation will have lots of light throughout the day and provide a great patio space … [Read more...]

5 Essential Tips for New Home Buyers

Building a Calgary home 3 tips to success

5 Essential & Easy-to-Follow Tips for New Calgary Home Buyers Buying a new home is very exciting but can also be a daunting task. How do you know where to buy, what to buy, or that you are getting a good price with good resale potential with your new home? Discover the answers to these questions by following these five … [Read more...]

Calgary Real Estate Agent Review by Elaine

Cody Battershill REMAX Calgary

Another Happy Calgary Home Buyer Review for Cody Battershill – REMAX Agent and REALTOR® “Dear Cody, I am so glad I googled "the best realtor in Calgary" and found you. Thank you so much for getting us such a good deal and helping us to make the best decision for us. :) Fingers crossed for the next 2 months and it's going to … [Read more...]

Calgary Inner City Homes Buyers Guide

Inner City Homes and New Builds Summary

Calgary Inner City Homes Buyers Guide Inner city infill homes in Calgary are a popular kind of residence on today’s real estate market. Close proximity to downtown, amenities and good connectivity to main city routes are only a few reasons why. If you are thinking of buying an infill home make the most informed decision by … [Read more...]

New Calgary Home Buyers Guide – Choosing a Community

Calgary Condo Questions and Answers

New Calgary Home Buyers Guide – Choosing a Community Buying a new home in Calgary is as exciting as it gets, especially considering how many different options there are in terms of builders, neighbourhoods and location. Essential to the new home buying process is finding a community that has everything – or most of … [Read more...]

3 Benefits of Buying a New Calgary Home Vs. Resale

Calgary Home Buyers

Why Should You Consider Buying a New Home Versus Resale? Have you ever imagined building a home from scratch? If you’re a home owner, it’s safe to say that you’ve probably thought about creating an entirely customized home for you and your family at one point or another, especially if you’ve watched shows such as Bravo TV’s … [Read more...]

Calgary Real Estate Agent Review by Tyler

REMAX Calgary Realtor Hall of Fame Cody Battershill

Another Happy Calgary Home Buyer Testimonial on Cody Battershill - REMAX Agent and REALTOR® “We've just been through the selling and buying process and wanted to pass along a strong recommendation of Cody Battershill to anybody that is looking for a realtor. We found Cody to be very professional and helpful. He absolutely … [Read more...]

Childproof Your Home With These Simple Steps

Calgary Kids Activities

Childproofing Your Home: Better to Be Safe Than Sorry! If you have young children or are expecting some to be visiting sometime soon, it is always a good idea to ensure of an accident-free environment by childproofing your home. Here are four basic childproofing tips that will make your home as safe as can be for the young … [Read more...]