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Calgary’s Best Laughs

Best Calgary Comedy Clubs

Best Calgary Comedy Clubs and the Best Laughs! Are you looking for a good laugh? Check out any one of these best Calgary comedy clubs if you feel like giggling the night away! Comedy Monday Night Comedy Monday Night has been going on for 5 years now and is host to some of the funniest local and national talent around! Be sure … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Lunch Spots

Best Calgary Lunch Spots Restaurants Collage

The Best Calgary Lunch Spots Lunch is a fun meal and these delicious Calgary lunch spots will give you the full range of options, from sandwiches to burgers to pasta or fish maybe a salad and so much more. This list is tried, tested and true, I have even included my personal favourites. Let me know what you think of the list … [Read more...]

Best Eggs Benedict in Calgary

the best places in Calgary for the best breakfast eggs benedict

The Best Eggs Benedict in Calgary The newest addition to our best in Calgary series is the best Eggs Benedict. The list will no doubt grow with your help! Remember to click on the links highlighted as orange for a complete restaurant review! We encourage you to leave a comment with your best Eggs Benedict suggestion and we … [Read more...]

The Best Calgary Nachos

Garrison Pub Calgary Restaurant Nachos

The Best Calgary Nachos What are the best Calgary nachos? Well, there are many restaurants in Calgary that serve nachos, but few are up to par with being the best around! Here are the best Calgary nachos! Please let us know if you've experienced nacho heaven as of late and would like to add your nacho to the list! Sandstone … [Read more...]

The Best Calgary Italian Deli’s

Best Calgary Italian Delis

The Best Calgary Italian Deli's If you are looking for a sandwich, some meat and cheese, or some amazing take home food these Italian Deli's will not disappoint.  Olives, Pasta, Sauces, Meats, Pizza's, Dessert, Tiramisu, Italian Specialties and More Await. Some of these places only serve sandwhiches, while others have full … [Read more...]

The Best Calgary Cooking Classes

Best Calgary Cooking Classes Part 1

The Best Calgary Cooking Classes Tired of eating out and feel like cooking? Or just want to spruce up your skills? Cooking classes are always a great way to try something new. They are also a great date/group idea! There are many different places that offer cooking classes all with different types of food and different skills … [Read more...]

Top Ten Unusual Canadian Attractions

Map of Canada

Canada's Top 10 Random and Unusual Attractions Most of us have bucket lists of attractions we want to see around the world such as TheLeaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge and so on. But what about awesome attractions in our native Canada? We always think so broad and seem to forget what the greatest country on … [Read more...]

The Best Calgary Night Life

Best Calgary Nightlife

Best Late Night Food, Drinks and Night Life Calgary Late Night Food Options UNA Pizza and Wine (1am) Serving some of Calgary's best pizza in a fun atmosphere until 1am. Belgo (2am) Offering French cuisine late night to appease any hungry tummy's. Living Room (12am) A cozy atmosphere with some of Calgary's most amazing … [Read more...]

Calgary’s Best Breakfast Spots

Misson Diner Breakfast

Find the Best Calgary Breakfast and Brunch at These Restaurants There isn't anything quite like a good breakfast or brunch. From the usual suspects like Phil's, Humpty’s, Denny’s and Ricky’s to some of the more unique places like Holy Grill, MONKI and Red's Diner, Calgary is full of awesome breakfast and brunch restaurants … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Date Ideas

Best Calgary Date Ideas

Romance, Love and that Special Someone in Calgary Ever get tired of doing the same ol’ thing for date night? Feeling like dinner and a movie is getting a little played out, and although the mountains are close you would like to stay in town? Well I have a feeling that a lot of people are feeling this way and since it is … [Read more...]