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Cochinchine Calgary Restuarant Review

Cochinchine on 17th Ave SW

Cochinchine Bun VermicelliNo matter how good the food is at a Vietnamese Pho Restaurant, a sloppy interior can quickly make your voracious appetite non-existent. I cannot deny that a renovated, well kept restaurant typically adds to its appeal as long as the food is good too. This is where Cochinchine on 17th Avenue SW stands out from most of the other Pho restaurants I have been to in Calgary.

My first impression of Cochinchine was a good one, made true by its modern interior design and finishings that were complimented well by thoughtful artistic decoration. Our server was very friendly and was proficient in doing his job. Shortly after sitting down I ordered salad rolls, spring rolls and bun vermicelli topped with chicken, shrimp and beef served with fish oil on the side. The salad rolls were particularly tasty and seemed to be made fresh. On the other hand, the spring rolls seemed to be lacking ingredients with absence of flavour.

The bun vermicelli was the highlight of the meal. Each piece of meat added to my bowl was free of any gristle and bone and was quite a large serving when compared to other Vietnamese restaurants I have been to. The vermicelli noodles, diced lettuce, diced carrots, chicken, shrimp, beef and peanut crumbs topped with fish oil, sweet and hot sauce all in one big bowl was delicious. It wasn’t the best bun vermicelli ever, but was up there in the top.

The selling point for me for Cochinchine in Calgary was the modern interior and bun vermicelli. Since this visit I have also stopped in and tried the Pho Dac Biet (special house soup). It was definitely worth it. One thing about the house special is that every Vietnamese restaurant in Calgary makes it different. I recommend this dish as well as the bun vermicelli with chicken and beef when visiting Cochinchine.

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  • Address: 3320 17th Avenue SW, Calgary, AB
  • Phone Numbner: 403.452.9696

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