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History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1885 vs. 2013

History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1885 vs. 2013

History of Calgary 1880's1885 – Population of 600

2013 – Population of 1.25 million

Calgary in the 1880’sFairmont Palliser Hotel Downtown Calgary landmark

– 1883 – The Canadian Pacific Railway finally managed to expand westward and reach Calgary.

– 1884 – Calgary officially became a town, had its first newspaper established and approximately 30 buildings of importance.

– 1886 –  A massive fire destroys many wooden buildings in the downtown area. To prevent the same situation from happening again, City Council passes a law requiring newly constructed public buildings to be built using fire retardant materials.

Brick and sandstone from the banks of the Bow and Elbow Rivers are used in reconstructing the lost buildings in the fire of 1886.

– 1888 – As a result of the increased migration and national interest, a larger market for hospitality results and the construction of the Alberta Hotel commences. This hotel

– Late 1880’s – Many skilled stoneworkers from Scotland headed to Calgary to work. By the end of the 1880’s, more than half of the skilled workers living in Calgary were either stone masons or stone cutters.

Sandstone became one of the most used materials in construction projects at the time. Several sandstone quarries opened up for supply; Calgary becomes known as “The Sandstone City”.

Town Council appoint Colonel James Walker to head east and try to convince the banks to establish a presence in the new town of Calgary.

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