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7 Reasons to Love Living in Calgary, Alberta

I love Calgary

7 Reasons Why Living in Calgary Rocks What reasons are there to absolutely love living in Calgary, Alberta, the "Heart of the New West?" Let me tell you... #1 - Low Sales Tax Are you tired of paying high sales taxes on everything you buy? If so, that's probably because you don't live in Alberta, the only province in … [Read more...]

Canada: By the Numbers

I love Canada Calgaryism

Canada Statistics: By the Numbers Everyone knows Canada is one of the biggest countries in the world. At 9,984,670 square kilometres, it's second in size to only Russia, a country which accounts for approximately 11 percent of all land in the world. But what about other cool number-related facts to do with Canada? We've … [Read more...]

History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1988 vs. 2026

history of calgary infographic downtown skyline 1988 2026

History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1988 vs. 2026 1988 Winter Olympic Games 1988 is one of the most unforgettable years in Calgary’s history. It was also one of the most influential on cityscapes for years to come. As host to the 1988 Winter Olympic Games, Calgary made sure it had the facilities necessary to host the … [Read more...]

Calgary and Edmonton are Canada’s Fastest Growing Cities

Population Growth Alberta Canada Infographic

Calgary Still the Fastest Growing City Nationwide You’ve probably heard many things about Alberta’s population on the news and online in recent months, especially considering the province’s current economic climate. Are people leaving or are they going? This question interests many in Alberta because immigration has helped … [Read more...]

Calgary’s 311 Municipal Hotline

I love Calgary

Dial #311 to Reach Calgary's Community "Hot Line" 3 digit dialing was used only to call 9-1-1 to report life threatening emergencies until the City of Calgary implemented the 3-1-1 phone number back in 2005. 3-1-1 "Citizen Services" is everyone's single point of contact to municipal government information and non-emergency … [Read more...]

History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1885 and 1912

Calgary 1885 history of YYC Alberta

History of Calgary - Then & Now - 1885 and 1912 1885 – Population of 500 2012 – Population of 1.1 million 2016 - Population of 1.3 million In 1885 In February of 1885, Jack Ingram was officially named as the first police chief of Calgary. His experience as a former police chief of Western Canada, out of of … [Read more...]

Calgary, Alberta… Home to the World’s Longest What?

The Core Shopping Mall in Downtown Calgary

Calgary - Home of the World's Longest +15 Network and Skylight Calgary is home to North America's largest network of paved pathways with over 700 kilometres We have the world's largest +15 network of its kind with 18km of walkways & 63 bridges We have one of Canada's largest urban parks - Fish Creek … [Read more...]

ParkPlus System Keeping Calgarians Out of the Cold…

Victoria Park Calgary Condos

ParkPlus: Park and Pay Using Your Cell Phone (in Calgary) Did you know that you can pay for parking with your cellphone using the Calgary Parking Authority's "ParkPlus" system? This intuitive service allows people with a ParkPlus account to simply call a telephone number, enter the four-digit zone that they are in and be … [Read more...]

History of Calgary – Then & Now – Centre Street Bridge

History of Calgary Centre Street Bridge

History of Calgary – Then & Now – Centre Street Bridge Quick Facts Built in 1916 Concrete and steel construction Renovations performed in 2001 Four lions – two north, two south Historical YYC structure In just a years’ time Calgary’s Centre Street Bridge will become a century old! … [Read more...]

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a Very Clean City!

I Love YYC Calgary Coffee Girl

Five Things that Contribute to Calgary`s Clean Streetscapes I must say that you've always been a very clean city Calgary, ever since I was born here many eons ago. Come to think of it, I've always wondered why there were so few pieces of litter - if at all - driving back and forth across the city on roadways here and there... … [Read more...]