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Calgary Hidden Gems – Earth Gems Crystals & Minerals

hidden gems in calgary earth gems 17th avenue sw crystals minerals

Calgary Hidden Gems – Earth Gems Crystals & Minerals Tucked away in an unsuspecting basement location on the Red Mile is Calgary’s one-stop-shop for crystals and minerals. Called Earth Gems, this Calgary hidden gem has everything your heart could wish for made from precious minerals found all around the world! I didn’t … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shop (LICS)

LICS Ice Cream in Calgary

Calgary Hidden Gems – LICS - Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shop Nestled away in an unsuspecting building on 3rd Avenue NW, Leavitt’s Ice Cream Shop, also known to many locals as LICS, is one Calgary hidden gem you don't want to miss. Known for its humongous selection of hardscoop ice cream and frozen yogurt, LICS is a popular stop-in … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems: Restaurants, Shops & More

calgary hidden gems downtown YYC calgary alberta

Calgary Hidden Gems: From Restaurants to Stores & More Every city has its own hidden gems – restaurants, pubs, shops, bookstores, etc. – that are tucked away from the beaten path of tourists and even some locals. Whether you're just visiting or have been living in YYC for a while, finding these places that are … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Green Basil

Calgary hidden gems Green Basil Vietnamese Thai restaurant

Calgary Hidden Gems – Green Basil Instead of a restaurant review I have chosen to name Green Basil – a Vietnamese and Thai fusion restaurant on Macleod Trail SW – one of Calgary’s hidden gems. Why, might you ask? First things first; this food and drink establishment is about as hidden as it gets from the main street, being … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Fourth Street Pizza (Mission)

fourth street pizza Calgary mission sw

Calgary Hidden Gems – Fourth Street Pizza (Mission) Once every so often I stumble across a new hidden gem in Calgary usually through the recommendation of a friend or sometimes from the desire to try something new. The first scenario was the root cause this time around; it was suggested we order in from Fourth Street Pizza … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Varsity Pizza and Subs

varsity pizza and subs calgary hidden gems

Calgary Hidden Gems – Varsity Pizza and Subs Varsity Pizza and Subs is one hidden gem in Calgary`s northwest that I always turn to for a yummy and affordable meal – whether that be pizza or a submarine – when I find myself nearby either working, visiting family or scoping the latest at Market Mall. Truth is, Varsity Subs used … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Wild Rose Brewery

Calgary Hidden Gems Wild Rose Brewery

Wild Rose Brewery: Beer, Food and Tours at this Hidden Gem Have you heard of the Wild Rose Brewery in Currie Barracks? I just happened to stumble onto this Calgary hidden gem just a few weeks ago and am still relishing in the savoury taste of its food and drink. At first I was a little bit taken back by the amount of people … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Amato Gelato

Italian Gelato Ice Cream Flavours Hidden Gems Calgary

Calgary Hidden Gems – Amato Gelato I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!... this is the phrase you’ll be singing on the way out of Amato Gelato as you engorge in one of the heavenly gelato flavours found at this hidden gem. Located in the inner city community of West Hillhurst, on the corner of Kensington Road and … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Demetris Pizza

Demetris Pizza Calgary Hidden Gems

Calgary Hidden Gems – Demetris Pizza Have you heard of the hidden gem named Demetris Pizza on Kensington Road? If not, it’s likely because you don’t live in the Hillhurst area. Lo and behold, this little Greek pizza establishment is something to get excited about if you love pizza!! Located in the heart of Hillhurst, Demetris … [Read more...]

Calgary Hidden Gems – Colour Me Mine

Colour Me Mine Ceramics Calgary Hidden Gem Arts Crafts

Calgary Hidden Gems – Colour Me Mine Who would have thought that Colour Me Mine would be as fun and romantic an activity as it is? When I first heard what Colour Me Mine was all about, I thought I was too old to participate or that I wouldn’t enjoy it. But I was wrong! This is one of the funnest Calgary activities around! The … [Read more...]