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History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1928 vs. 2018

history of calgary then & now infographic 1928 2018 skyline

History of Calgary – Then & Now – 1928 vs. 2018 Cenoptah Dedication for WWI Soldiers 1928 – A decade after the end of the First World War, thousands of Calgarians made plans to attend the unveiling and dedication of Memorial Park’s Cenotaph (now called Central Memorial Park). The public event was of religious, … [Read more...]

Best Classic Rides at the Calgary Stampede

Calgaryism Stampede Theme

Top 10 Classic Rides at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth! Whether you’re a reasonably tall youngin’ (most rides have height limits) or a fully-fledged adult looking for some adrenaline Stampede pumping rides, these ones below will leave a smile on your face from ear to ear! And the best part is that they have been around for … [Read more...]

Discover Fine Art at the Calgary Stampede’s Western Art Gallery

Stampede Western Art Gallery Entrance (280x255)

Get Your Fine Art at the Western Art Gallery Before Sunday! If you are an art buff looking for that next breathtaking piece to put into your home, then you must visit the Calgary Stampede’s Western Showcase before it’s too late! Even if fine art isn’t your thing, you may just be swayed to buy one or two of the amazing pieces … [Read more...]

Top 5 Adrenaline-Pumping Rides at the Calgary Stampede

Calgary stampede fireball ride amusement scary

Top 5 Fun But Scary Rides at the Calgary Stampede!! Adolescents and adults looking to get their adrenaline pumping at the Calgary Stampede should check out these incredibly fun and scary rides. Leave us a comment below and let us know what your favourite rides at the stampede are and well add them to the list! #1 – Superman … [Read more...]

16 Things You Didn’t Know About the Calgary Stampede

Birdseye View Calgary Stampede 2014

16 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Calgary Stampede Most of us who have been living in Calgary for at least a little while know to get out our cowboy boots, hat and some extra cash out from the bank when the Stampede comes around. While it is easy to get caught up in the fun festivities at the Calgary Stampede, … [Read more...]

Calgary Stampede: 21 Cool Number Related Facts

Calgary Stampede Infographic

Calgary Stampede By the Numbers: 21 Cool Facts With more than a million visitors every year, the Calgary Stampede is not only the greatest outdoor shows on Earth, but also one of the largest. A lot of time and work go into making the event happen every year. Here are some fun number-related facts that will put into … [Read more...]

Top 10 Calgary Stampede Snacks in 2014

Calgaryism Stampede Theme

You Have to Try These Top Ten Stampede Snacks in 2014! Each year the Calgary Stampede reveals a list of new snacks to entice and shock guests. Again, this year’s theme seems to focus on anything wrapped in bacon and traditional street food on a stick. See our Calgary Stampede Checklist here. Whether you want to play it safe … [Read more...]

7 Must-See Calgary Stampede Events 2014

Best Snacks Calgary Stampede Exhibition

7 Calgary Stampede Events to See in 2014 for a Full Experience The start of the greatest outdoor show on Earth is just a few days away so call your loved ones, grab your cowboy gear and get ready to have a blast at the 102nd annual Stampede! Whether you’re a first time stampeder or have been to the show several times … [Read more...]

Calgary Stampede – Keeping People Employed!

Calgary Stampede Keeping People Employed

Calgary Stampede is Keeping People Employed! The Stampede has more than 2,000 year round volunteers and over 1,200 year-round employees. Each July the Stampede hires more than 3,000 seasonal employees. A Unique Experience… Every year more than a million people visit the “greatest outdoor show on Earth”, a.k.a. the Calgary … [Read more...]

Calgary Stampede Economic Benefits – Yahoo for Economy!

Economic Benefits Calgary Stampede Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

Calgary Stampede Economic Benefits - Yahoo for the Economy! The Calgary Stampede annually generates over $345 million in economic benefit for the province of Alberta! Millions of dollars of economic benefit is also generated by the various consumer and trade shows held at different venues such as the BMO Centre and the Big … [Read more...]