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Calgaryism Fact #10 – The ‘Caesar’, Born in Calgary

where was the caesar cocktail invented infographic

Did You Know the Caesar was Invented in Calgary, Alberta? The ‘Caesar’ was invented in Calgary in 1969, by Walter Chell, manager at the Calgary Hotel (now called the Westin). A Local Invention You may not have thought that the Caesar(s) you ordered last weekend originally came from ‘the heart of the new west’. But did you … [Read more...]

Top Canadian Real Estate Agent on Social Media

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Named #1 Top Canadian Real Estate Agent on Social Media!, a Canadian-based company which helps realtors across the country realize their marketing goals, named me as the number one real estate agent on social media in all of Canada. I am absolutely honoured. Thank you very much for your … [Read more...]

The Tallest Buildings of Calgary’s Past, Present and Future

Calgary YYC Tallest Buildings Infographic

Calgary's Skyline Just Keeps Getting Taller... and Taller... 1914 – Fairmont Palliser Hotel Calgary’s tallest building until 1958 12 stories 60 metres, 197 feet The Fairmont Palliser Hotel is Calgary’s most historic and luxurious hotel. Located in the downtown business core, it was originally built by … [Read more...]

Calgaryism’s Favourite “Chicken Wings Wednesdays” Restaurants

reagle 14 chicken wings northwest calgary hillhurst kensington

Best Chicken Wing Wednesdays Restaurants in Calgary, Alberta I don’t know about you, but when Wednesday rolls around I am usually scrolling through my contact list to see who’s up for some chicken wings and beer. After all, you can’t beat how cheap wings are on this very special day that every foodie and their cousin have … [Read more...]

Best Photos of Calgary – Then & Now (History of YYC)

Calgaryism Source YYC Calgary Alberta graphic

Calgaryism’s Then & Now Comparisons – History of Calgary What did Calgary look like in the past? Since the beginning of Calgaryism, we have been working on creating accurate comparisons of our city skyline – the past versus the present – by taking pictures of two dates like 1912 and 2015, for example, and showing the change … [Read more...]

Calgaryism – Join Us on Instagram for Everything YYC!

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Did you know that Calgaryism is also on #Instagram? Yes, we are! Join tens of thousands of people at #Calgaryism on Instagram today and see photos not only from our own sources, but also from several contributors who display their best works of photography of Calgary and surrounding areas on our feed. Join us on Instagram! … [Read more...]

Infographic: Celebrating Diversity in Calgary

calgary multicultural facts diversity infographic calgaryism

Calgaryism Infographics: Celebrating Diversity in Calgary Home to Canada’s first Muslim Mayor, Naheed Nenshi Back in 2010, Naheed Nenshi became Canada’s very first Muslim Mayor, beating out two more well-funded candidates at the voting box. Today he is still mayor and even won the “World Mayer Prize” in 2014, honoring his … [Read more...]

Calgaryism Facts & Infographics

Calgaryism Graphic

Calgaryism Facts & Infographics Behind every place is a story, one filled with neat facts and other details that in some instances can be swept under the rug as time passes. Calgary’s story is filled with cool facts like these, seen below in facts and infographics from Calgaryism on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… check … [Read more...]

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary: Over 260 Bird Species and More!

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Calgary Activities Infographic

More Than 260 Species at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary! Calgaryism Fact #29 Did you know that over 260 bird species have been recorded at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary? That’s a lot of birds – to see them all in one place is a profound experience whether you are a bird lover, or are simply a recreational lover looking for … [Read more...]

Canada Holds Gold Medal Record at Winter Olympics!

Canada Gold Medal Olympic Record Holder Infographic Calgaryism

Canada Holds the Record for Most Gold Medals Received at the Winter Olympics! Did you know that Canada holds the record for the most gold medals received by a nation at the Winter Olympics? Canada managed to break the previous record on its own turf at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games held in Vancouver, British Columbia with a … [Read more...]