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Canada Named 2nd Best Country in the World (2017)

Canada best countries 2017 US News infographic

Canada Named 2nd Best by U.S. News & World Report (2017) How does Canada stack up against nations of the world? According to Best Countries 2017 by U.S. News, our nation ranks the second best in the world - for the second year in a row! More than 21,000 business leaders, citizens and informed elites were surveyed to … [Read more...]

Growth Predicted for Alberta’s Economy in 2017

Alberta Highest Economic Freedom North America 2012 Infographic

ATB Financial Predicts Modest GDP Growth in Alberta The past few years have been quite difficult for many Albertans - especially those in the oil and gas industry who have found themselves laid off for an indefinite amount of time. Fortunately, it seems that the tables are slowly beginning to turn for the better, as predicted … [Read more...]

Canada Ranks 6th on EIU’s Democracy Index 2016

democracy index 2016 economist intelligence unit

Canada - One of the Freest Countries in the World!  According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index of 2016, Canada is the sixth freest democracy in the world! Released in late January of 2017, the annual report from the renowned British-based media institution examines the state of democracy in 2 territories … [Read more...]

VIDEO: 7 Cool Facts about Canada – World Economic Forum

I love Canada

Seven Cool Facts on Canada by the World Economic Forum The World Economic Forum has put together a fascinating list of facts that you may or may not know about Canada. Check them out! Also see these Canada Facts and Infographics: A Visual Learning Experience today #1 - Canada is the world’s most educated country, with … [Read more...]

Canada Named 5th Most Prosperous Nation (2016)

Nation of Canada

Canada is the 5th Most Prosperous Nation in the World (2016) I’ve always believed that Canada is a great place to live, not just because it is my home country, but also due to international rankings such as the Global Prosperity Index that puts us at the top and ahead of some of the world’s most established countries. Canada … [Read more...]

Canada Ranks Top 10 on Global Peace Index (2015)

Canada Safest Place to Travel in the World 2015

Canada Places #7 of 162 Countries on the GPI for 2015 Great news Canadians… our country has been ranked as the seventh safest country to travel to in the world on the Global Peace Index 2015! This years’ rankings has Canada slightly behind places like Iceland and Switzerland while ahead of others like Australia and Japan … [Read more...]

Alberta: Canada’s Population Powerhouse

Statistics Canada Population Chart 2015

Alberta: Canada’s Population Powerhouse Alberta`s population has continued to increase as of late due to immigration even though low energy prices have led to decreasing employment opportunities in many of the provinces industries. There basically are three ways that the population of any province can increase (or decrease): … [Read more...]

How Canada Ranks: 2014 & 2015

I love Canada

How Canada Has Ranked Internationally in 2014 & 2015 Oh, Canada, if I could only tell you face to face how grateful I am to be born and raised within your boundaries... what a heartfelt conversation that would be. You are a safe and free place to live for not only myself and millions of other Canadians, but also … [Read more...]

Alberta’s Average Weekly Wages On the Rise

I love Canada

Alberta’s Average Weekly Earnings Are Going Up Once Again! It’s no secret that Alberta has one of the strongest provincial economies in all of Canada. Where is the proof for such a statement? Look no further than the fact that even with lower oil prices Alberta’s workers are receiving bigger paycheques on a “weekly basis” than … [Read more...]

Alberta Jobs Continue to Attract Canadian Migrants

Map of Canada

Interprovincial Migrants Rapidly Increasing Alberta's Population Alberta’s fast rate of population growth has continued to keep up the pace as many from other parts of Canada are moving to the province in search of jobs. In just three months – from April to June of 2014 – the western Canadian province had a net gain of 13,204 … [Read more...]