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Calgary Hidden Gems: Urban Athlete Fitness Studio

hidden gems Calgary Urban Athlete Gym Kensington

Calgary Hidden Gems: Urban Athlete Fitness Studio Calgary is home to a ton of hidden gems that don’t necessarily always get the attention they should. These restaurants, shops and services excel at what they do and are a huge part of the fabric that holds our communities together. Urban Athlete, a boutique fitness studio in … [Read more...]

Minto New Condos Planned for Calgary’s North Inner City

minto new condos bridgeland nw calgary inner city

Minto Announces Plans to Build Two New Condos in Calgary Minto Communities Inc. has recently announced its interest to build two new condominiums in the north inner city of Calgary. Located in Bridgeland and Kensington, these two new projects will be Minto’s first in the city with a lot of hype as they will mark the … [Read more...]

Fusion All-You-Can-Eat Sushi (Kensington) Restaurant Review

fusion sushi calgary alberta nw kensington

Fusion All-You-Can-Eat Sushi (Kensington) Restaurant Review Sometimes you just got to get as much sashimi in you as possible! Thankfully, when such cravings happen there are places like Fusion Sushi in Kensington, a Japanese / Thai all-you-can-eat restaurant that uses good quality ingredients to boot. Here’s Calgaryism’s … [Read more...]

Vero Bistro Moderne Calgary Brunch Review

vero bistro moderne kensington calgary restaurant brunch steak and eggs

Vero Bistro... Gourmet Brunch in the Heart of Kensington When it comes to gourmet breakfast and brunch in Calgary, there are few places that do it better than Vero Bistro Moderne – no kidding! I was totally blown away by the high quality and delicious taste of their steak and eggs, not to mention the salivating that occurred … [Read more...]

Wow Chicken Calgary Restaurant Review

wow chicken kensington calgary outside 10th street nw

Wow Chicken Calgary Restaurant Review Wow Chicken really made me think… WOW, it’s amazing that fried chicken can be this good. Heck, I even caught myself blurting it out a few times while stuffing my face with the two chicken dishes we ordered. I have walked by this restaurant several times in the Kensington BRZ and thought … [Read more...]

Fusion Sushi Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review

sashimi fusion sushi kensington brz nw calgary alberta

Fusion Sushi Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review Rather than sticking to my old sushi favourites, this time I decided to try something new. It just so happened that Fusion Sushi in Kensington was around the corner when the hunger kicked in so we stopped by for a bite. Half of the time a spontaneous drop-in to an unbeknownst … [Read more...]

Burger 320 Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review

kensington brz burger 320 calgary yyc gladys ridge

Burger 320 Kensington Calgary Restaurant Review I didn’t expect any less than primo burgers and fries from Burger 320’s second Calgary location in the Kensington BRZ - and that is exactly what I got on my latest trip down to this top-notch burger joint. Sitting inside its much more spacious interior compared to its Bridgeland … [Read more...]

Top 3 New Restaurants in Kensington YYC (2015)

I love Calgary

3 Top-Notch New Restaurants in the Kensington BRZ There’s a lot going on in the Kensington Business Revitalization Zone as of late. Not only are a handful of new condominium developments on the rise, but also a bunch of restaurants have opened as well that have made a lasting impact on those that venture into their doors for … [Read more...]

Ikemen Ramen Bar Calgary Restaurant Review

ikemen ramen japanese restaurant calgary alberta

Ikemen Ramen Bar Calgary Restaurant Review Boy, oh boy… if you’re a fan of Japanese ramen noodles by any means then you will definitely want to put Ikemen Ramen Bar on your bucket list of to-try places in Calgary. Let’s just say that both Menyatai and Muku – two other Japanese ramen restaurants in the Kensington area - now … [Read more...]

Best Calgary Summer Patios in Kensington BRZ

Molly Malone's Irish Pub Kensington Patio Space

Calgaryism`s Top 6 Summer Patios in the Kensington BRZ Kensington is one business revitalization zone (BRZ) in Calgary packed to the max with awesome summer patios. ­ From the low-key and quieter setting at Oak Tree Tavern to the seasonal curbside seats at The Yardhouse, you won’t have a hard time finding one that fits the … [Read more...]