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5 Factors to Consider When Buying a New Condo in Calgary

New Condo Construction in Calgary

5 Considerations Before Buying a New Calgary Condo Are you thinking about making a move in Calgary's new condo market sometime soon? If so, there are some definite considerations you'll want to make before signing on any dotted line with a developer - or lender for that matter. Buying a new condo may just be one of the biggest … [Read more...]

New Calgary Condo Guide – Price Per Square Foot

Blueprints Home Inner City Infill

New Calgary Condo Guide to Price Per Square Foot If you're thinking about buying a new condo in Calgary, chances are one of the most influential factors in deciding what, when and where you buy is the selling price. However, there is another financial metric you should consider - the price per square foot. What's the fuss over … [Read more...]

20 Tips for Buying a Condo in Calgary

ezra riley park new calgary condos for sale

20 Tips to Help With Your Next Calgary Condo Purchase Condos in Calgary are found throughout the city in all shapes, sizes and price points. From the deep suburbs of communities like Evanston to the downtown neighbourhood of Eau Claire, you'll find a wide selection of condo listings for sale on the real estate market any given … [Read more...]

New Calgary Condo Guide – Buying from a Floor Plan

Condo Blueprint Floorplan

New Condo Buyers Guide on How to Buy from a Floor Plan Usually when you buy a new condo it’s in the pre-construction or construction phase; you’re not buying a completed unit, which means you are buying off a floor plan. The developer may have one or two show suites, but in most new condo buildings there can be 8 or even 10 … [Read more...]

New Calgary Condo Guide – Frequently Asked Questions

New Condo Developments in Calgary Alberta

5 Common F.A.Q.'s by New Condo Buyers in Calgary Before signing on the dotted line and making your new Calgary condo purchase official, there are several very important things that you should take into consideration. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in my lengthy career as a new condo specialist and Calgary REALTOR® … [Read more...]

New Calgary Condos: 4 Keys to Getting the Best Deal

Calgary New Condos Guide

Consider These 4 Keys to Getting the Best Deal on Your New Calgary Condo Purchase... Are you thinking of buying a new condo in Calgary? If so, you probably have noticed that there are a ton of different new condos currently selling, under construction or in the planning phase. So how do you know which one will fit your wants, … [Read more...]

Calgary Condo Buyers: Review Your Condo Documents!

New Condo Developments in Calgary Alberta

Importance of Reviewing and Understanding Condo Documents When buying a condominium in Calgary, it is extremely important that you fully review the condo documents before making any “signature” decisions. If you’re not an expert in real estate transactions, not to worry, as most, if not all REALTOR®’s have condo documents … [Read more...]

What do my condo fees pay for?

Calgary Condo Guide to Condo Fees

What are condo fees and what do they pay for? If you’re thinking of purchasing a condominium, you may be surprised when you learn about the additional costs of condo fees you’ll have on top of all other expenses. Condo fees are a must-pay and their prices are non-negotiable. Every owner has to pay them on a monthly basis to … [Read more...]

New Calgary Condo Guide – Condo Documents

New Calgary Condo Guide Condo Documents

New Calgary Condo Guide to Condo Documents Calgary’s new condo market is red hot - which is a good thing if you are a buyer looking for that perfect new condominium. By no means are you limited to a select few price points, designs and locations and have a choice when it comes to which new Calgary condo and developer you want … [Read more...]

Why Buy a Condo in East Village Calgary?

East Village in Calgary

Why Should You Consider Buying a Condo in East Village Calgary? Nobody can deny the hype when it comes to East Village (also known as EV), downtown Calgary’s newly redeveloped neighbourhood which is slowly, but surely coming to life. After all, who wouldn't enjoy all that East Village has to offer? A downtown riverside … [Read more...]