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Calgary Home Selling Tips: Getting Show Ready

Couches Living Room Home

7 Simple Tips to Help Get Your Calgary Home Ready to Show The staging is finished, the home shows great and now it is time to show it off. What`s next? To sell your home of course! It can be easy to take some elements of  the showing process for granted, but in the end its every detail that contributes to a successful … [Read more...]

Meet Cody Battershill, Calgary REALTOR®

Cody Battershill Calgary REMAX Real Estate Agent

Helping You Accomplish Your Calgary Real Estate Goals It is extremely important to find the right REALTOR® in Calgary for the job, one who will go above and beyond to take care of all your real estate needs. Find the Right REALTOR® I would like to earn the privilege of representing you not only in your next Calgary real … [Read more...]

How to Find the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent & REALTOR®

The right questions to ask when interviewing your realtor

10 Questions to Help You Find the Right Calgary Real Estate Agent & REALTOR® for the Job... Would you hire a babysitter without an interview? What about a contractor, mechanic, dentist, music teacher, doctor, daycare provider, accountant or lawyer? Well I would hope not, and you shouldn't treat hiring a REALTOR® any … [Read more...]

Why is a Home Inspection as Important as it Gets?

Buying a Calgary Home and Home Inspections

Why is getting a home inspection as important as it gets? One of the most important things when buying (or selling) a home is to ensure you get a thorough and professional home inspection! Whether if you are buying on the MLS® or a brand new home,  a home inspection provides you with peace of mind and can also uncover … [Read more...]

Calgary Home Selling Tips – 4 Steps to Listing

Buy or Sell Your Calgary Home

Calgary Home Selling Tips: 4 Steps to Listing Your Home So you've decided to sell your home and are looking to list your house or condo on the local real estate market. As an experienced REMAX Real Estate Agent and REALTOR® in Calgary, here is my four step recommendation on how you should proceed before your very first … [Read more...]

Why Use a REMAX Real Estate Agent in Calgary?

Selling your Calgary home, home sellers

Why Use a REMAX Real Estate Agent in Calgary? Are you thinking of buying or selling Calgary real estate, but aren’t too sure why you should use a REMAX Real Estate Professional as your representative? When you choose to work with a REMAX Professional you won’t only experience exceptional service, but also be provided with all … [Read more...]

REMAX Calgary Homes for Sale

Calgary Homes for Sale - Calgary REMAX Realtor

REMAX Calgary Homes for Sale – Calgary REMAX Realtor Calgary is home to a very active real estate market. If you are browsing Calgary homes for sale and are thinking of buying, it’s crucial to get in touch with an experienced realtor who has unique knowledge of the residential market and of the variables involved to help you … [Read more...]

First Time Condo Buyer Review by Amy

Just sold condo in Sunalta Calgary

Just Sold - Sunalta Condo in Calgary to a Happy First Time Buyer "For years, I was extremely proud of the fact that I had avoided being a responsible-grown-up-type person. However when I clued in that there was only two months left on my lease, I asked myself whether I wanted to keep lining my landlord’s pocket or start … [Read more...]

Calgary Home Buyers Testimonial Review

Selling your Calgary home, home sellers

Calgary Home Buyers Testimonial Review Dear Cody, I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other Calgary home buyers, and especially those who are new to the city! "I am absolutely impressed with Cody's professionalism, skills and knowledge of Calgary Real Estate and his negotiating skills. He is a … [Read more...]

Moving to Calgary – Preparing Your Toddlers or Preschoolers

Relocating to Calgary Preschoolers Toddlers

Relocating to Calgary with Preschoolers or Toddlers Moving with kids younger than the age of 6 might be easier to do, when compared with older children, since they have less of a capacity to comprehend the changes involved. This is not to say that your guidance throughout the process isn’t crucial, but is to say that it might … [Read more...]