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Calgary Hidden Gems – Varsity Pizza and Subs

Calgary Hidden Gems – Varsity Pizza and Subsvarsity pizza and subs calgary hidden gems

Varsity Pizza and Subs is one hidden gem in Calgary`s northwest that I always turn to for a yummy and affordable meal – whether that be pizza or a submarine – when I find myself nearby either working, visiting family or scoping the latest at Market Mall.

Truth is, Varsity Subs used to be a frequent stop for my friends and I when we were young and were on a stricter budget for eating out. And now, many years later, I am glad to say that Varsity Subs still serves the same great food for the same great prices that it did back then, something I have found out on the handful of occasions that I`ve stopped in over the past few months.


Subway, Quiznos, Mr. Sub and every other submarine sandwich place you can think of here in Calgary does not compare to the quality of ingredients and prices offered at Varsity Pizza and Subs.

For anywhere from $4.25 to $5.50, you can get an 8“ inch submarine with as much or as little of toppings as you choose. If you are feeling hungry, upgrade your submarine to a full 12“ inches for only another $1.25 to $1.50 – what a deal!

The best part about these incredible prices is that Varsity Pizza and Subs doesn`t skimp out on the quality or quantity of ingredients added. All-in-all, this place offers one of the most affordable sub meals in the city.


Varsity Pizza and Subs is definitely one of the best delivery / take-out / eat-in shops in the area when it comes to pizza. See more of the Best Calgary Pizza Restaurants now.

Choose from a wide range of pre-made topping combos, or, make a custom order if you’d like for extremely competitive pricing (averaging about $18.00 for a 14’’ inch pizza), just in case you’re always looking to save a buck like I am.

A variety of pastas, wings and salads are also served, a great alternative for those in your company who might not necessarily feel like pizza.

All-in-all, Varsity Pizza and Subs is one food and drink establishment in Calgary’s northwest that you can’t go wrong with.

They always pack on the ingredients – whether it be on your submarine or pizza – for a tasty meal each and every time. Check this hidden gem out!Your Source Best in Calgary Alberta

Varsity Subs and Pizza

  • Address – 4624 Varsity Drive NW, Calgary, AB
  • Phone Number – 403-288-7928

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