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Calgary Stampede: By the Numbers (31 Facts)

31 Cool Numbered Facts Concerning the Calgary StampedeWe Love the Calgary Stampede

With more than a million visitors every year, the Calgary Stampede is not only one of the greatest outdoor shows on earth, but also one of the largest!!

A lot of time and work goes into making this event happen every year to say the least. Here are some fun number-related facts that will put it into perspective for us all on just how big the greatest outdoor show on earth really is:

Attendance by the NumbersCalgary Stampede Keeping People Employed

  • Over 120,000 people attend the Stampede every day, around 70 percent of whom are from Calgary
  • The show attracts well over a million visitors annually
  • Approximately 400,000 people attend the Stampede Parade every year
  • Approximately 3.6 million people visit the Stampede Grounds every year
  • The first Stampede in 1912 attracted about 80,000 people to a city with a population of only 47,000
  • The 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede (2012) set an attendance record with 1,409,371 visitors

Participation by the NumbersCalgaryism Calgary Stampede Theme Graphic

  • More than 1000 people are employed by the Calgary Stampede year-round
  • About 3200 people are hired during the 10-day event to perform various jobs
  • About 3000 people participate in the Calgary Stampede Parade annually
  • These volunteers sit on 45 different volunteering committees
  • Over 2 million Canadians nationwide watch the Stampede Parade on television

Food & Drink by the Numbers

Best Snacks Calgary Stampede Exhibition

  • More than 2 million mini-donuts are eaten every year at the Stampede
  • Over 200,000 pancakes are served at community breakfasts throughout the city during the Stampede
  • A total of 4 beer grounds are found at the Calgary Stampede
  • Every year, there’s countless new food stands offering new delights for all to enjoy
  • In 2017, there are 40 new foods and drinks available for purchase on the midway

Rodeo & Midway by the NumbersI love Calgary

  • Stampede Park itself covers more than 200 acres of land
  • More than 7000 animals are hosted by the Stampede Park during the 10-day event including over 600 chuckwagon horses.
  • Around 850 horses participate in the parade watched on live TV
  • Approximately 2 tonnes of manure is left behind by animals on the parade route
  • 120 rodeo competitors and 36 derby drivers competed for $3.2 million in prize money in 2016
  • In general, more than $3 million is awarded to rodeo competitors over the 10-day event
  • Close to 200 vendors are be found at the Calgary Stampede Market located in the BMO Centre

Economics & History by the Numbers

Economic Benefits Calgary Stampede Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

  • In 1939, admission to the grounds was just 25 cents. Today (2017), it’s $18.00 for an adult
  • There’s usually close to 30 teepees at Indian Village every year
  • In 2016, nearly 30 kg of bison was dried and nearly 7500 people tried bannock at Indian Village
  • Every $1.00 spent at the Calgary Stampede generates more than $2.70 city-wide on hotels, restaurants, shops, taxi’s and other expenditures of the type
  • More than 20,000 posters promoting the greatest outdoor show on Earth are distributed world-wide every year
  • The “Big Four” businessmen: A.J. MacLean, A.E. Cross, George Lane and Pat Burns made a crucial contribution of $100,000 towards the first ever Calgary Stampede
  • A poll taken in 2011 showed that 40 percent of Calgarians who were expecting they would attend the Calgary Stampede estimated they would spent anywhere from $150 to $400
  • The first Calgary Stampede Rodeo awarded $20,000 in prize money to competitors. According to inflation rates, that cash would be worth $487,804.88 in 2014

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Calgary Stampede Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

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