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Imperial Oil Moving Downtown Offices to Quarry Park Calgary

Imperial Oil Moving its Calgary Offices to Quarry Park

Quarry Park Market CalgaryEmployees at Imperial Oil who are used to working in downtown Calgary will soon have to commute to their new office location in the southeast community of Quarry Park by shuttle bus. At some point in the future there will be the new southeast LRT line servicing the rapidly growing office park, but that’s not expected to be in the works for quite some time.

Imperial Oil is currently in discussions with Calgary Transit to arrange sufficient public transportation services so its employees will be able to get to the new suburban office buildings in Quarry Park, once they are done in 2014.

Planning to transport Imperial Oil’s 2000 workers from various LRT and bus terminal locations throughout Calgary is no small task. For now, Imperial Oil is weighing out what options will be best when the time comes to put the plan into action. One of those decisions will be choosing between using Calgary Transit buses, or those of a private transport company to do the job.

Existing Services

For now, route 302 is a direct line heading deep into the southeast industrial parks (including Quarry Park), and is an area of Calgary already host to around 5000 jobs. It is a double sized bus, holding twice the amount of passengers as its smaller single bus counterpart. Other bus routes from Anderson and Chinook LRT terminals also provide commuters with a way to get there.

Jacobs Engineering is one of the largest companies located in the area, and with 2000 of its own employees, has not had to make any special arrangements for their transit to and from work.

Calgary Public TransitIf more and more employees are added to the already jam-packed downtown Calgary area, it would only make traffic issues worse. By relocating their offices in a suburban location, Imperial Oil is actually helping one of the most downtown-focused cities in North America to disperse its one-way traffic into the city core, which isn’t such a bad thing at all.

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