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Top 5 Adrenaline-Pumping Rides at the Calgary Stampede

Top 5 Fun But Scary Rides at the Calgary Stampede!!Your Source Best in Calgary Alberta

Adolescents and adults looking to get their adrenaline pumping at the Calgary Stampede should check out these incredibly fun and scary rides.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what your favourite rides at the stampede are and well add them to the list!

#1 – Superman SpinCalgary stampede ride midway superman scary

I don’t know the exact name of this massively tall and yellow ride, but the when I tried it I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of G force acting on every part of my body as I spun around, and around, and around – yes, this ride is pretty long which is awesome!

As I was flipping I remember asking myself… “is this what it feels like to fly”? Hence, the temporary name “Superman Spin”, or at least until one of you reading this leaves a comment and corrects me.

I highly recommend anyone looking for that crazy adrenaline rush to try it out! One ride goes for $50.00 per person, so make sure you bring some coin as you don’t want to give up your spot in line to go get some.

Find it close to the Saddledome, or if you aren’t sure just look up into the sky as this towering beast is hard to miss.

#2 – SlingshotCalgary stampede slingshot amusement ride scary

The slingshot is another one of the extreme rides at the Calgary Stampede that will get the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

It too gives you an incredible G force experience as you are slung into the air at crazy speed, then experience what seems like a moment of weightlessness at the top and fall back down while spinning around every which way.

This is another ride that doesn’t take coupons – only cash – so be prepared to have $50.00 per person for whoever wants to go. This ride seats only two people, making it a great adrenaline-packed experience for couples in their adolescent years and older.

Find the slingshot near the north end of the grounds, close to the Saddledome.

#3 – Mach 3Calgary stampede scary adrenaline ride amusement mach 3

Just in case you don’t feel like paying a hefty amount of cash for a ride on the “Superman Spin”, you can always head over to Mach 3 for a similar action-packed ride experience.

Located on the south side of the Midway area, Mach 3 will give you that “superman” experience that everybody should have at least once in their lives. It’s almost scary watching riders come down right above you then quickly swoop back towards the centre of the platform – great for taking some snaps of friends and family!

You’ll be happy to know that Mach 3 has double the ride capacity compared to its bigger sister on the north side of the grounds, although because of coupon payment the ride line-up is typically longer.

The best time to catch a ride on Mach 3 is on weekdays or early on weekends, check it out!

#4 – Fire BallCalgary stampede fireball ride amusement scary

Not far away from Mach 3 you’ll find a ride called Fire Ball, another top choice for adolescents and adults looking for the ultimate ride experiences.

Fire Ball will send you back and forth in a pendulum motion with each swing getting higher until you climax at 90 degrees.

On the way up and down you’ll notice the ride twirls in a circular motion, creating an exhilarating mix of G forces and dizziness for all.

Fire Ball is great for larger groups of stampede goers who are looking to experience rides together. With a total of 24 seats all facing each other, everyone will get a chance to go at the same time! Let’s just hope no one pukes!

#5 – ZipperCalgary stampede scary rides amusement zipper

Last but not least is Zipper, another fast and flippy ride located on the south side of the Midway area.

One cool thing about Zipper is that there are actually three motions all happening at once.

While the passenger compartments flip up and down and around, they are moved along the roller on the outside of the rides frame, which is also moving in a circular fashion.

Warning: this ride is not for the faint of stomach… try at your own risk, and make sure the person you’re going on with is feeling just as good as you are!

I Love StampedeCalgaryism Calgary Stampede Theme Graphic

What are your favourite rides at the Calgary Stampede? Leave us a comment below and let us know, we will do our best to add them to one of our lists!

Until next time, check out more of these great articles on the “greatest outdoor show on earth” and join us at Calgaryism on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for live updates today!

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