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Relocating in Calgary? Choose Your Home’s Exact Location Carefully!

Exact Location Can Make or Break Your Purchase!homes in suburban neighbourhood community birds eye view

When thinking about moving to another part of Calgary, it’s always best to know exactly what community or area you would like to live in. For example, relocating to a new home on the brim of the west sector will provide the convenient access to the mountains that you may have always wanted.

I’ve also seen past clients prefer an inner city infill to make their travel time to and from the office in downtown that much shorter. Whatever the reason may be for relocating, the location you choose will have a tremendous effect on the overall satisfaction you have with your purchase.

Sometimes getting into the general area of the city you desire to live in is good enough when relocating in Calgary, but I encourage you to go even further than that. Think about location right down to where you would like your home to be with respect to in-community amenities and the neighbourhood’s overall master plan. Part of this involves planning for the future as well.

What about a cul-de-sac?Calgary north infill community summary happy family

If you currently have children or plan on having some (or more) in the future, cul-de-sac’s generally provide a safer outdoor play space compared to a normal street as they eliminate through traffic.

With the homes all facing one another, they also tend to promote friendly interaction between neighbours and lower the prospects of crime because of the centered frontal exposure that all the homes have.

Where is the park access?Calgary Parks - Edgemont Park

All new suburban communities have a master plan that usually consists of two or three or more large outdoor park spaces designated for leisure and recreation. If you plan on raising a family, buying a home in a location that backs out onto one of these spaces may be something that you, from a supervision stand point and your kids from a playtime stand point, would prefer and enjoy over the years.

Then and again, a home down the street may be good enough, but does that mean you’ll be worried about the kids at the park until they are old enough to go without supervision? This is a trade-off that may just be worth the extra money for the lot in view when relocating in Calgary.

Some communities are located within walking distance to vast, beautiful natural areas. For example, the southwest neighbourhood of Lakeview is adjacent to both the Glenmore Reservoir and Weaselhead Flats. You might be an empty nester that loves taking walks along scenic pathways multiple times a week, so buying a home on the southside of Lakeview (which has closer access to these areas) instead of on the northside may be ideal.

This might seem like a small detail, but that extra 10 minutes you’ll save walking to the park can make all the difference in being either 90% or 100% satisfied with your home purchase.

When will new phases be built?Evanston Homes Calgary Alberta

Take care to consider the exact location of your prospective property in relation to future phases of development. If you’re thinking about relocating to an up and coming suburban community like Carrington in north Calgary, for example, buying a home in the middle of an already developed phase should reduce your exposure to construction noise and hazards.

For inner city homes, be familiar with zoning regulations and on the lookout for news of future multi-family projects nearby. Being blindsided by a new mid-rise condo development that towers over the backyard of your recently bought home (and blocks out the summer sun in the backyard that you might love), can really be an unfortunate experience.

Your real estate agent should be keeping up with the latest and greatest real estate news in and around the city, share with you what they know about potential future developments and how it may affect your prospective location when relocating in Calgary.

Where are the main routes?Evanston homes for sale

You might absolutely cherish a quiet ambiance around your house. This is big on many buyers’ checklists nowadays. No loud car noises and no sirens from emergency vehicles working through the night – please!!

If you were to buy a property on the corner of a main street in the inner city or bordering a sound barrier in a suburban community, you might not enjoy your home as much as you should. If you’re like this, consider walking around the neighbourhood during daytime and see what sounds you hear at different locations. Is the spot you’re currently in have traffic white noise (save the odd car passing by), or just the beautiful sound of sparrows chirping and leaves rustling in the wind?

If you can’t hear vehicles passing by on the nearest highway, for example, your location may be far enough away to provide you with that serene ambiance you love and desire.

Walkability and lifestyle?RiverWalk outfront of Princeton Luxury downtown Calgary condos

Let’s say you work downtown and desire to walk to and from work everyday. Buying a property in West Hillhurst, for example, instead of Hillhurst may be okay at first, but over the long haul become draining because of the additional distance you have to walk.

Having quick-and-easy access on foot to a nearby entertainment district like Kensington, for example, may let you partake in the walkable downtown / inner city lifestyle you’ve always wanted. So, buying a property 20 minutes away on foot from the district compared to one just 5 minutes away could make all the difference in how much you enjoy your new place.

Once again, these are small details but are important in the difference between being either 90% or 100% satisfied with your home purchase when relocating in Calgary.

Make sure you are 100% satisfied!Calgary Home Condo Realtor Calgary

At the end of the day some of these examples mentioned above may have a much more profound effect on your decision to buy a property the than others. All should be taken into account when relocating so that you know you’ve left no stone unturned and end up being 100% satisfied with your home purchase!

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