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Top 10 Calgary Inner City Parks

Top 10 Calgary Inner City Parks

Calgary inner city parks

Calgary is known for having one of the largest pathway systems in North America, the largest urban park in Canada and tops the list for city park space amongst its peers across the continent.

Calgary’s inner city region is a large contributor to the extensive network of parks and pathways found in Calgary. Centered around the Bow and Elbow Rivers, these networks extend outward into the inner city communities of Calgary and beyond.

Calgary has so many amazing public recreational and leisure parks that you can enjoy. Here are 10 Calgary Parks I recommend to anyone new to the city or who are just looking for a new running trail. These parks are primarily located in the inner city, but are used by many in the city!

SW – Stanley Park – Address: 4011 1A Street SW – Area: 21 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Stanley Park is a popular destination if you are looking to have an outdoor Barbecue, run with the dog through the bush, go canoeing or even for a game of baseball or Frisbee. Park your car at the Talisman Centre and run to Stanley Park or vice versa.

NW – Confederation Park – Address: 24th Avenue and 14th Street NW to 30th Avenue and 10th Street NW – Area: 162 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Confederation Park is located in the NW of the city. This park is massive in size and is also home to the Confederation Park Golf Course. Confederation also contains a wetland area that covers about 8 hectares of land. This park is great for longer bike rides.

NW – Shouldice Park – Address: 4900 Monserrat Drive NW – Area: 28 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Shouldice Park is situated in Calgary’s NW. Shouldice has multiple sports complexes including a pool, baseball and football fields, a hockey rink and is conveniently located along the Bow River for great cardio workouts.

NW – Nosehill Park – Address: 5620 14th Street NW – Area: 1129 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Nosehill is Calgary’s trademark park. Shaped like a nose, hence the name “Nosehill”, this park is surrounded by a dozen different communities and has an area of about 11 square km’s! This park has countless hiking and biking trails as well as off-leash zones located throughout its entirety.

SW – Edworthy Park – Address: 5050 Spruce Drive SW – Area: 169 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Edworthy Park is a great place to get a good cardio exercise in after work. Only a ten minute drive from downtown Calgary, this park has amazing trails and extensive patches of forest that make each run an exciting adventure. This park is just south of the Bow River and provides great recreation for everybody.

NE – Rotary Park – Address: 617 1st Street NE – Area: 5.9 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Rotary Park is located in Calgary’s NE close to Centre Street and Memorial Drive. This park provides off leash areas for your pets and features a new water park for you and your family to enjoy!

SW – Eau Claire Plaza – Address: 3rd Street and Riverfront Avenue SW – Area: .1 hectare

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – If you are looking to experience some of Calgary’s character, head down to Eau Claire Park on a warm summer day. This inner city park runs along the Bow River and feeds into the extensive river parkway located along the Bow River. This park bridges across to Prince’s Island Park and also contains a fresh market, spray park and multiple restaurants and services. Eau Claire Shopping Centre is also located beside the plaza, making this spot a great summer destination for the family.

SW – Prince’s Island Park – Address: 4th Street and 1st Avenue SW – Area: 20 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Prince’s Island Park is located within the Bow River. Yes, within! This park has character. Come check out the Canada Day celebration and Calgary Folk Festival that Prince’s Island Park is host to annually! During the summer relax with your family and take full advantage of its breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

NE – Tom Campbell’s Hill – Address: 25th Street and George’s Drive NE – Area: 18 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Come and enjoy some astounding views of Calgary’s downtown while getting a good workout at the same time! This park overlooks Memorial Drive as well as the Bow River and Nose Creek waterways. This park has off-leash areas for your pets and great hiking and biking paths.

SW – Griffith Woods – Address: Discovery Ridge Cove SW – Area: 93 hectares

Park hours are 5am to 11pm – Griffith Woods offers great walking, biking while giving people an opportunity to momentarily escape from the sounds of the city. This park is located along the Elbow River in SW Calgary and is a great retreat for couples looking for a serene walk, or for leisure and recreation for the whole family including the pets! Pathways are paved and there are also Basketball, Soccer Fields and a Playground (all of which are located at 160 Discovery Ridge Blvd. SW)

So what’s the absolute best inner city park in Calgary? It’s hard to say! I love Calgary

Tell us what your favourite inner city park is below!

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