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Maintaining Your Calgary Home – Standard Maintenance

Calgary Home Owners List of Maintenance Ideas

General Home Maintenance GuideBuying a new home is a very exciting ordeal. It is also a huge responsibility. Home maintenance can be classified as one of two kinds; either initial or standard. Check out some of these suggestions concerning standard maintenance for your humble abode.

Standard Home Maintenance

  • Every six months inspect the attic for leaks and pests. If there is a leak in the attic the water could be causing mold growth that poses a serious health risk. Extensive damage to the infrastructure of the home could also be caused from water and pest intrusion.
  • Pay attention to the working order of the garage door mechanism. A ruined garage door mechanism can be expensive to replace. If the door isn’t closing properly, unwanted pests can enter your home. Also keep an eye on the condition of the weather strip on the bottom of the garage door.
  • Check your furnace or boiler for proper functioning every six months. If you don’t know about the systems hire a serviceman to check them for you or read the manual to familiarize yourself with them. Keep the surrounding area clear of objects.
  • During cold weather close the outdoor water faucets and bleed off any remaining water in the pipes. If you leave any water in them the water could freeze, cracking the water lines. Here are some useful tips on how to Winterize Your Home.
  • Caulking discrepancies need to be repaired. Caulking prevents liquid from getting into those nooks and crannies. Your bathroom, kitchen and windows are some of the places to check.
  • Stock up on filters for your humidifier, ventilation system and furnace. Your house will be cleaner and your appliances will last longer problem free. Also, your home will be a cleaner place.
  • Now that those smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are installed, test them every month. You never know when these devices might save your life! If you have a surge protector check to see if it is on.
  • Clear the sliding mechanism on your windows of any crud that might damage the window sill and block the draining aperture.
  • Trim any vegetation that gets too close to your house. Damage to your home can occur on a windy day if shrubs and branches are too close.
  • Clear out the eaves troughs during the spring and fall months. Blocked eaves troughs can cause flooding, usually in the basement.
  • An inspection of your roof once every twelve months is important in preventing future leaks. Be careful!
  • Maintain your water heater by draining the sediment that collects in the bottom of the tank once every year. If you aren’t sure as to how to do this, refer to your water heater manual.

Your Home, Your Money Selling your Calgary Home

Doing standard maintenance for your home will keep the value of your home higher if you plan on selling it one day. If you have any questions, I would be happy to assist you. Reach me direct at 403-370-4180 today!

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  1. Another good item to check is the water heater. At least once a year the sediment should be drained from the bottom of the tank.

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